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From: Valerie Cade, Founder

Dear Friend,

Everyone remembers "the bully" back in grade school, the one that stole your friend's lunch money on a regular basis, shoved you into the lockers from time to time, and intimidated everyone and everything they could...

Now, years later, you're wondering how that same tough, manipulative, arrogant kid apparently teleported into your workplace and ended up working with you...How can this be? Haven’t these people grown up by now?

Do any of these sound familiar?...

  • Being ridiculed in front of your entire team at staff meetings...
  • Being lied about behind your back...
  • Feeling like you're always on guard...
  • Not being able to focus, and as a result your work piles up...

I know, it seems like you face these same defeating issues everyday or at least often enough to make you feel anxious...nervous...even hopeless. The uneasy knot in your stomach follows you home...

and you discuss the situation with your friends and family. They talk it through with you, which seems to help for the time being. However, after another rough sleep, tomorrow comes...your heart starts pounding and…the panic returns... and you're propelled into yet another terrible day with your least favourite person in the world…

If you're anything like most targets, your confidence goes missing in action, your passive-aggression is dragging you down, and you find yourself searching for help on how to battle out of control anxiety...

Deep down you hope that there is some way to make this work, without giving up and having to start all over again with a new job because you're not a quitter. In fact, you enjoy your job; but you definitely don't feel the same way about the workplace bully that steals your, focus, productivity, confidence, and most importantly your sanity...

Sound familiar? Don't worry, you're NOT alone.
Workplace bullying is more common than you might think.

Fact: 1 in 6 employees have reported being targets of Workplace Bullying

You probably feel like the bully has pulled the plug and drained the life right out of you...all from the raging internal battle that you're fighting at work every day.

Internal battle? Don't all the unwarranted criticisms, intimidation, and verbal attacks come from the bully? So wouldn't that be external?...


But let's be honest, workplace bullying is an issue that involves two worlds...

Your external world: the bully, the workplace and the culture you have to deal with everyday and...

Your internal world: the way you feel about it and process all the emotional frustration, anger, fear, and stress; even shame and embarrassment like I did.

I know, because I've been there myself...huge emphasis on been... as in past tense! I've experienced firsthand the frustration, shame, and despair of being bullied at work; but by learning to work through the challenges and obstacles, I've developed a system that now makes it possible to break the cycle of workplace bullying.

You might be thinking, "What qualifies you to be giving me
advice that will help me to overcome workplace bullying?"...

I'm a Professional Speaker and Interpersonal Performance Consultant and I’ve led thousands of seminars and training sessions to over 20,000 people in 7 countries...50 cities…and nearly every state and province. I have addressed every type of employee from management to frontline...spanning over 200 unique industries.

Over the past 16 years I’ve seen countless presenters, read hundreds of books, and heard the issues straight from the people themselves. But my most valuable expertise comes from having myself been an employee, supervisor, business owner and CEO. I know what happens with bullies at work.

But I haven't always been in this position...

As an employee I can remember being bullied, yet at the time I didn’t realize what was happening. I had people leaving me anonymous notes telling me to go home (they thought I was earning too much), co-workers were talking behind my back constantly...

and I would be left out of the loop when it came to important communication for my job. I remember sitting at my desk feeling devastated. I would work harder, longer hours just to make sure that I could do my job. The stress level became so intense that I ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration...

It was at this point that I decided to take matters into my own hands and began researching and implementing strategies...some of which worked...and others that didn't. It was through this trial and error process that I started to rebuild my broken confidence and self respect...

Again some years later as a senior executive, I thought that bullying was behind me...yet I found myself in denial (again) as I tolerated yelling and a constant shifting of priorities. I remember feeling decimated and thinking I just had to try harder...that it was my fault. I began to pull back socially from friends and family...

This time I fully understood and realized that this was absolutely ridiculous and needed to be solved! It was from these personal experiences and through countless hours of research that I found out how prevalent workplace bullying actually was...and is.

This fuelled my passion to gather, verify and compile
only the best, most powerful and effective solutions I could find
to teach you how to handle bullying at work.

I thought, how many others are going through what I'm going through? How many others are getting insulted in front of co-workers or being criticized with no just cause?...

I felt so strongly, that I absolutely needed to share my system with everyone who was experiencing the insanity of being bullied at work. That's why I decided to record my system into an ebook and hardcover book called Bully Free at Work, but you might be asking yourself "Sure it worked for you but how do I know your system will work for me?"...

Here's what some of my readers have had to say about "Bully Free at Work"

"I think you just saved my life at work! I was alone last night going over and over the nasty emails my boss had sent me. It isn't the type of problem that friends or family can help you with. Luckily for me, I searched google for how to deal with a bad boss and found your link. I bought your ebook and read every word of it today, some of it twice! I can't tell you what a relief it was to see the bully in writing.

I see now what happened and why. Thank you for the education! It was money well spent and I will tell everyone about this book! I will no longer accept being bullied by anyone! If that means I need to get a new job then so be it. Thank you for restoring me to the reality that this isn't about me it's about the narcissist bully!"

-Kim, MI, USA

“Valerie Cade distils down communication into easily digested and useable bites. She leaves you with tools and an understanding that is useable right away.”

-Dr. Cameron, Chiropractor

As a consultant on workplace bullying I have made it my business to help others recognize and understand workplace bullying and to help targets learn to recover from its devastating effects. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee or a manager...work in an office...or in a medical profession...in a plant or in a union…

I understand that you want to be respected and you want to feel like you are truly part of a team that contributes to a successful work environment...

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Learn in Bully Free at Work...

  • To understand what workplace bullying truly is and why it’s happening to you
    so you can take the appropriate actions to solve the real issues at hand!
  • How to effectively evaluate your unique workplace bullying circumstances with my powerful assessment tools so you can begin to put together the missing pieces and create a customized solution for yourself.
  • To be able to identify the bullies from the rest of the pack so you can stop the cycle dead in its tracks!
  • To understand why people bully so you can equip yourself with the right tools to deal with it like a pro.
  • Be educated about the tactics bullies use so you can be totally conscious of what is going on and maneuvre through the mess with ease.
  • To understand the exact characteristics bullies look for in a target so you can take action to bully proof yourself.
  • That workplace bullying is a cycle that can be broken and how you can break the cycle yourself!
  • How to effectively assess if the physical, mental and emotional symptoms you have developed are from workplace bullying, so you can fully comprehend the impact that it is having on you.
  • Learn my powerful 4 Pronged approach that is an absolute must have in your tool kit to empower yourself and take action now!
  • Work through my specifically designed written exercises to clarify and state the workplace bullying problem that you’re facing - so you can immediately take effective steps to solve it!
  • To arm yourself with powerful evidence by learning how to create a valuable workplace bullying log.   
  • Know that you are #1.  Learn how to look out for yourself by utilizing my simple exercises and assignments that will transform your physical health and well being.
  • Complete my questionnaire specially designed to help you create your very own customized stress management plan.
  • Harness the power of reframing to turn around negative thought processes, so that you are empowered rather than powerless.
  • Know that you’re NOT alone – Learn how to surround yourself with a support team, so that you know someone’s “got your back.”
  • How to be more confident by teaching you how to identify and play to your strengths.
  • Follow my rock solid 3 step process that enables you to make good decisions – and feel confident about where you’re going.
  • I’ll also show you how to effectively assess and improve your assertiveness skills and gain increased respect at work!     
  • Evaluate if it’s time to throw in the towel and move on to bigger and better things.
  • And, last but not least, I'll show you the exact steps employers can implement to bully proof their workplace culture in order to prevent bullying from happening in the first place...

"But What Do I Do When the Bully Attacks Me?..."

Bully Free at Work Comes Complete With 21 Highly Effective Techniques
that Deflate, Deflect and Disarm the Bully. Here's a Sneak Peak...

You Will Learn:
  • How to focus on the positive aspects of your life like your friends and family and stop the negativity train dead in its tracks so you can get back to enjoying life.

  • To identify what an unfair conversation looks like and how to manoeuvre around or through it so you realize that you are not crazy when you meet with the bully!

  • How to recognize your true feelings in order for you to identify how you come across to others and take full control of ‘who you want to be’.

  • Bullies use passive and heavy control against you, learn how to identify and handle both of these tactics like a seasoned professional so you can hold the upper hand, not them.

  • How to mean what you say and say what you mean at exactly the right time so that you are in direct control of very clear messages that you send to the bully. 

  • To understand precisely what to do when someone with authority over you makes a false statement and insists that it’s true so you can take back your power and respect.

  • Lean how to spot avoidance tactics that bullies use to take you off subject and divert the real issue at hand so you can truly hold them accountable for their words and actions.

  • How to arm yourself with the tools that will put an end to sarcastic remarks and deflate the bully’s arrogant and ignorant comments.

  • How to deflect and divert ridiculous mind reading by the bully and stand your ground.
    When the bully interrupts you they take your power and undermine you; Bully Free at Work teaches you the 4 necessary keys to effectiveness that put you back in the driver’s seat.

  • To redirect the bully from acting like you’ve made an unreasonable request so you stand firm in your power.

  • Bully Free at Work teaches an incredibly useful technique called mirroring that keeps both the speaker and the listener 'centered' in a difficult conversation so you aren’t steamrolled by the bully.

  • Learn highly effective short and simple come backs to bring the bully’s power down to size and diffuse the situation.

  • And last but not least how to harness the power of expectation and intent so you
    create the workplace environment that you want
    , not the other way around.    

Bully Free at Work has helped me unmask my bully boss to the Director of the company where I work. It has made me understand that the problem is my bully boss, and not me. It has given me a shield to avoid my bully boss with his continued abuse of work load. I can now work in peace and think clearly and have a better and higher productivity. It has given me more self-confidence and security at my workplace.

Yes, I definitely recommend this book to others, and I have read the whole website and have got the best ever valuable information and very important videos. I like every single bit of information, because it is explained in detail with specific words on every different situation.

Congratulations on such masterpiece of valuable information!!!!!!!

-Camille, Aruba, West Indies

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I had been bullied by my boss for years before I found your site. The information I gained allowed me to recognise exactly what he was doing both to me and to the rest of our department.

Without your help, I am sure that I would now been unemployed, (and probably unemployable). However, I have been vindicated, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for the help you have given us!”

-Kevin, Australia

My System

Understanding and applying these powerful techniques and strategies will make all the difference in the world for the bullying in your workplace...

Here's exactly what you'll get when you purchase my ebook or hardcover book: Bully Free at Work...

  • Over 16 years of my research and expertise condensed into a 210 page book that breaks down step by step, everything that you need to know about how to handle workplace bullying.

  • 10 Chapters loaded with how to's, not just another rendition of the problem.

  • 13 Assignments you can use to assess exactly where you are at.

  • 4 Self Tests to help you see that you are not going crazy, there is a way out.

  • And all "The Top 21 Techniques" to Deflate, Deflect, and Disarm the Bully...used by readers all over the world.

Bully Free at Work will allow you to figure out exactly where you stand and how to best apply the top principles to your specific situation so you can be bully free at your workplace.

Here's a sneak peak:

To view the table of contents from Bully Free at Work Click Here

And you can order and download Bully Free at Work online in less than 2 minutes, which means you gain immediate access to all this valuable information right away.

No waiting for a book to arrive and No shipping or handling costs!

When you order you'll be immediately directed to my special download area where you can save it right to your computer and be reading within minutes!...

And, of course you can also choose to order the hard copy version to take with you to read anywhere, any time.

So what is all this going to cost?

When I myself was dealing with workplace bullying, I would have paid anything to know how to overcome it...and I did...

I spent 16 years - thousands of hours - reading hundreds of books, attending workshops and presentations, and leading countless training seminars where I heard the issues straight from the people themselves...and I'm offering you the opportunity to experience the benefits of all that I've learned - without having to invest what I had to.

In addition, I took a concentrated three year sabbatical to write Bully Free at Work, ensuring the best research was represented and that all strategies and techniques were ones that worked. Many educational institutions have used Bully Free at Work as a definitive guide because it is highly effective.

Most text books loaded with research and how to's as opposed to opinions are expensive - well over $60. We didn't want the price to be a deterrent to getting you the help you need. Fortunately because of the many orders we receive for Bully Free at Work we are able to provide this excellent one-stop resource to you for only $29.97...

Normally I charge $250 per person to attend my seminars. However, I realize that not everyone is able to attend... can afford to attend...or has the confidence to sign-up... I know from my own experience that I felt ashamed and embarrassed about being bullied at work...

The bottom line is, whatever your situation, I want to meet you where you're at by allowing you immediate access to my highly effective strategies right away.

This is why today, in my book, I'm giving you nothing but the pure content - minus the price of attending a costly seminar...$29.97.

Think about it...a few of our readers noted to us that...

One therapy session alone is over a hundred dollars...

Lunch with your friend who listens to your bullying challenges - that's thirty dollars each time...

And Look what Maclean's Magazine had to say about Bully Free at Work:

Office bullies are more common than you might think. One U.S. survey estimates that at least one in six workers has been bullied, which may explain what's driving up sales of self-help manuals like Bully Free at Work, which you can buy on the Internet for just $29.97, a real deal compared with an hour with your therapist.”

-Maclean's Magazine, Canada's News Source

For the cost of a trip to the movies you can be free from workplace bullying challenges for the rest of your life - because you'll know what to do.

As an ebook: Why wait for a book to be mailed to you? I don't want you to have to wait a minute longer for help...This is why I'm offering you more confidence, less stress, and peace of mind for $29.97 Period. Or as a hardcover book mailed to you right away.

Add To Cart!

And for making this investment in yourself today you also receive
2 bonus items!

Bonus #1 : "The Top 39 Tips To Stop Workplace Bullying"
Perfect to get everyone else to take stopping workplace
bullying seriously!

Bonus #2 : "The Bully Free at Work Workplace Bullying
Policy Maker"

Perfect for securing a respectful workplace!

Now you can get everyone on board with these Bonus tools! I want you to have all the tools necessary to truly make a positive difference and solve your workplace bullying situation...

I want you to have all the tools necessary to truly make a positive difference and solve your workplace bullying situation...

But before you order I want to let you try my system completely risk free...

With My 1 Year Risk-Free Guarantee,
You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose!

Test-drive Bully Free at Work for 1 full year and take all the time you need to read, learn and apply my strategies...

Guarantee #1: I'm very confident that the proven strategies in Bully Free at Work will make the difference for you! However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, I am more than happy to give you a 100% refund, no questions asked, no hassles, for 1 full year. (Note: we have never had a refund request in 4 years - worldwide!)

Guarantee #2: Even if you decide you would like a refund, the 2 bonuses are yours to keep as my way of saying thank you for investing in yourself.

So once you have your copy of Bully Free at Work, go ahead and take all the time you need to work through the Chapters, Self Evaluations, Exercises, and Assignments. You decide...

Note: Join thousands of people from over 100 countries world-wide and purchase Bully Free at Work...

“I wish to congratulate you on such an amazing book for Bullying in the Workplace. I never knew bullying was such an issue until it happened to me. I found Bully Free at Work to be the only source with all the necessary information to address the denial of the bullying at work. Bully Free at Work is the perfect gift to hand anyone who feels they are being bullied.

-Philip, Dublin, Ireland

Solve your workplace bullying problems now and invest in yourself with Bully Free at Work, here’s how...

Yes, I want to be Bully Free at Work!

    I understand that I will be receiving all the powerful Bully Proofing techniques in an easily downloadable 210 page ebook or hardcover book, complete with invaluable Self Tests, Assignments, and Exercises for only $29.97.

    I understand that I’ll also be receiving 2 Special Bonuses that are mine to keep, no matter what!

    I also understand that Bully Free at Work comes complete with a one-year, no questions asked, full money back guarantee.

    I understand that my privacy is guaranteed and on my credit card statement the purchase is displayed as the Performancecurve.com.

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Valerie Cade, Founder and Author of Bully Free at Work
How to Have a Bully Free Workplace

P.S. Everyone knows that if you do nothing, then nothing will change and you'll be faced with having to go back to the same destructive workplace bullying situation that is hurting you now...

With a little help, you can start learning how to overcome your workplace bullying situation immediately! Remember there is absolutely no risk - you have one full year to study and apply my highly effective strategies not to mention the 2 bonuses that are yours to keep no matter what!

For your sake I hope you choose to make a crucial investment in yourself and take full advantage of Bully Free at Work complete with Assignments, Exercises, and Self Tests, today only for only $29.97. Click here to order now!

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